5 Things to Consider When You Think You Can’t Do It

  1. It’s possible you’re already doing it, whatever your it is. Or that you’ve already done it in some past variation. It’s a matter of continuing to do the hard thing you thought you could never do.
  2. Breathing always helps. Find someone who reminds you how to take deep breaths when it feels like you’re sucking in through a tiny straw.
  3. Somewhere in the world there is someone who would trade their hard thing for your hard thing in a heartbeat. Don’t use this for comparison, rather, an excuse to sober up.
  4. Once (or twice) someone told me I was too young to feel my pain or heartbreak. Age will never dictate pain, or resilience for that matter.
  5. Personally, I’ve found some momentary relief in squeezing lemons and jabbing an invisible punching bag. The lemon squeezing has nothing to do with making lemonade out of lemons and everything to do with making for a tasty addition to a Moroccan dish I’ve spent days eating only to crave again. The punching bag quick jabs are best done while in a deep squat (although your legs will quiver the next several days.)

And if none of the above does the trick, go to bed and try again tomorrow.

P.S. Here’s the Moroccan Chicken recipe that will have you squeezing lemons and licking your fingers for more.

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