Trending Now: Finding Happiness

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Trending Now Finding Happiness

One response to “Trending Now: Finding Happiness”

  1. I’m pretty sure your husband will be someone who’s sister died of leukemia or who’s dad was killed in Afghanistan…someone who understands that in this world, there are no guarantees, that life is fragile but can still be beautiful. Someone who has already worked through all that and doesn’t expect a wife with two perfect children and a home in suburbia with a minivan that never breaks down. I’m pretty sure your husband will already know there is no such thing as happily-ever-after on this side of heaven, but that it certainly is there, waiting for all of us, with Him.
    I can’t wait to meet him…whenever and wherever and however you find him. If marriage is God’s plan for you.
    12 minutes on a picture frame? Seriously?? Where did find that dude?
    Thanks for referencing one of my all time favorite films, by the way. Can’t wait till next Valentine’s Day when I can watch it again! : )

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