Every time I find out I’m not dying, I give myself permission to keep living.

Every time I find out...medium photo

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2 responses to “Every time I find out I’m not dying, I give myself permission to keep living.”

  1. 🙂

    Is ‘Medium’ taking share from the WordPress folks?

    Is it the new hot place to be?

  2. I not only liked what I read, I loved it. An incredibly well written, beautiful, moving, from-the-heart-post. The part I didn’t like is how much I totally get it. I do. The whole “it’s probably nothing but we just have to be safe” line, the panic/heart attack on route 70…the longest 5 days ever…it just hurts. And it is hard. So, so hard. Although, I guess I don’t get what it’s like to be you, I get more what it’s like to be your mom. Reading this gives me tremendous insight into what is to come, and it gives me great hope as well. Thank you for sharing your heart, my beautiful friend. KEEP LIVING!! We need you here!! : )

    Love you,

    PS – what happened to WordPress? What is Medium?? Help – I barely just figured out what a “blog” is…social media is all moving much too fast for me…

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