A Letter to Texas.

Dear Texas,

My first day here and the thunder seems mad, or sad, that I arrived. Rumbling clouds and trees dripping tears of rain. But maybe not. My mom always described thunder as my grandmother bowling in heaven. Bowling makes people happy. Maybe this thunderstorm joyfully welcomes me.

I came to you in Dallas to write, and the boisterous thunder and trickling rain comforts me while I write. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than write while listening to the falling rain. Thank you for raining; thank you for the trickling on the roof.

You don’t scare me, Texas. I came because, well, things lined up to get me here and before I knew it I caught a flight like a fearless adventurer. It all very magically lined up. I dream big, what can I say. Why chase your dreams tomorrow when you can chase them today?

Looking forward to our time together. Everything’s bigger in Texas—maybe even dreams.

Yours truly,

Dream Catcher

One response to “A Letter to Texas.”

  1. Amazing, Ash! Hope you have a wonderful time there. I always have this thought like, ‘maybe I should have been a cowgirl…’ I did wear sparkle covered cowgirl boots to kindergarten every day. I hope it’s everything you want and need!


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