RV Dreams.

I recently came clean with one of my biggest aspirations, so I figured it was about time to share it with you.

I, Ashley Tieperman, have a deep desire to live in an RV.

Life seems really simple in an RV. I get to park it somewhere in nature, maybe even with friendly neighbors next door if I choose to live in an RV park. “Mornin’, Betty! Sure, I’d love to play mahjong!” Chances are, these neighbors will be retired, so they probably will be some of the happiest people I meet! Not a care in the world.

Wake up, make some coffee, greet my neighbors, take a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air.

Let’s say I have a little quarrel with one of these lovely neighbors–all I have to do is roll away. Find a new place to park my home. Besides, I have everything I could possibly need with me. Just put it in drive and go find some new neighbors.

Many have commented that I will need some protection. (Somehow a young girl and an RV park don’t exactly equal safety.) Ok…so I’ll get a dog. I’ve always wanted a little loveable best friend! Cute and cuddly. He can sleep with me in the tight quarters and I’ll take him for walks around the park.

Less space means less belongings. Less belongings means less expenses. Less expenses means less stress.

A simple life.

Plenty of time to appreciate the Lord’s beautiful creation. Plenty of time to read books or chat with neighbors by the campfire. Plenty of time to roast marshmallows.

Many have also commented that this plan is crazy. I say it’s a great plan. No matter where life takes me, I can just roll my home to the next destination.

Peace, security, and simplicity are just around the bend. Who’s in?


One response to “RV Dreams.”

  1. I’m not in…but I like the idea of simplicity! Could be a sitcom idea.

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