Hi! I’m Ashley. I take my coffee black and my sprinkles rainbow.

I love creativity, messy stories, and falling in love with ordinary moments of life. Many will confirm, I was born to be a storyteller.

Some of my greatest life lessons have come from my failures as a homeowner. At 22, I bought a house! Two-hands worth (and counting) of women have called The Nest their home before flying off to life’s next adventure.

Around 25, I flew away from The Nest for a couple years for my own adventure. I packed my Toyota Camry with everything I owned for a road trip to move to a new time zone. At Dallas Theological Seminary, I pursued my gifting in creative writing that started when I was a little girl, writing stories on the typewriter at my family’s lake house in North Carolina. My time in Dallas gave me a master’s degree, a renewed spirit for creative writing with heart and soul, and a slew of new additions to my inner circle.

Now at 30, my husband and I live in a home with a stone front porch out in the country, which will also make us landlords to new tenants at The Nest. Let the adventure begin!

You know that ice breaker question that’s about what you like to do for fun? I usually answer it a little oddly (but 200% accurately) with, “I like to write essays.” Seriously, writing essays is like a day on a tropical island for me where you forget to check your phone and have no sense of time.

In my first year as a full-time professional writer, I wrote for Oprah! You can read more about how I landed that gig here on my blog, and you can read the essay over here on O, The Oprah Magazine.

I’ve spent the last decade+ as a storyteller in various marketing and communications roles in agency, nonprofit, editorial, ministry, and education environments. I love a good strategy when it comes to storytelling: how can we step back for that big picture WHY? (You can explore more of that writing over here.)

Check out a couple things I’ve written:

O, The Oprah Magazine


Fathom Magazine

Scary Mommy


Australia’s Mamamia

Lifetime’s The Conversation

The Technical Stuff: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication with a minor in Writing from McDaniel College. At Dallas Theological Seminary, I earned a Master’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, with credit emphasis in the Media Arts and Worship department. I am an experienced professional with a background in various marketing and communications roles, seeking partnerships with mission-driven companies. My expertise in strategic communication has enhanced the storytelling of many outreach campaigns. For my full resume, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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