Hi! I’m Ashley. I used to say I take my coffee black and my sprinkles rainbow.

Guess what? I’m a new mom and *I’ve changed*… These days, I don’t bother with sprinkles, but I definitely do bother with frothed almond or oat milk to make that morning whole bean pour-over extra special.  

I’m always watching the same feel-good shows (on repeat): Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Friday Night Lights. Give me a happy ending rom-com with a dash of family dramedy and I’m all set. Most days I’m dreaming of long walks through small-town drama. In real life I live in a quiet country house down a winding lane with my husband and our two (crazy) cats and our adorable son.

So much has changed about me in motherhood in just a short amount of time. And yet, so much hasn’t changed at all. I still love creativity, messy stories, and falling in love with ordinary moments of life. I’m still an autoimmune survivor who will never get used to bloodwork. And I’m still over here in yoga pants on my way to a workout, scheming of ways to eat breakfast for every meal.

On my best days, I learn and grow and pay attention. (On my overwhelming days, I take a bath and a nap.) I have always loved writing that breaks the rules and makes me feel something.

If you leave here laughing and crying at the same time, then I’ve done my job.