Hi! I’m Ashley. I take my coffee black and my sprinkles rainbow.

I love creativity, messy stories, and falling in love with ordinary moments of life. Many will confirm, I was born to be a storyteller.

I’m *wildly* addicted to the podcast, How I Built This. (Yes, that and LaCroix are kind of a daily overdose for me.) I’m obsessed with learning from scrappy, successful people who turn nothing into something beautiful. It has ignited a passion for entrepreneurship that I didn’t realize lived inside of me.

Although, my 22ish*-year-old self did buy a house! Two-hands worth (and counting) of women have called The Nest their home before flying off to life’s next adventure.

At 25ish, I flew away from The Nest for a couple years for my own adventure. I packed my Toyota Camry with everything I owned for a road trip to move to a new time zone. At Dallas Theological Seminary, I pursued my gifting and dreams in creative writing that started when I was a little girl, writing stories on the typewriter at my family’s lake house in North Carolina. My time in Dallas gave me a master’s degree, a renewed spirit for creative writing with heart and soul, and a slew of new additions to my inner circle.

You know that ice breaker question that’s about what you like to do for fun? I usually answer it a little oddly (but 200% accurately) with, “I like to write essays.” Seriously, writing essays is like a day on a tropical island for me where you forget to check your phone and have no sense of time.

I’ve spent the last decade as a storyteller in various marketing and communications roles in agency, nonprofit, editorial, ministry, and education environments. I love a good strategy when it comes to storytelling: how can we step back for that big picture WHY? (You can explore more of that writing over here.)

*You’ll notice “ish” sprinkled throughout because I am a memoir lover who suffers from brain fog. (Go figure.)

Check out a couple things I’ve written:

O, The Oprah Magazine


Fathom Magazine

Scary Mommy


Australia’s Mamamia

Lifetime’s The Conversation

The Technical Stuff: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication with a minor in Writing from McDaniel College. At Dallas Theological Seminary, I earned a Master’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, with credit emphasis in the Media Arts and Worship department. I am an experienced professional with a background in various marketing and communications roles, seeking partnerships with mission-driven companies. My expertise in strategic communication has enhanced the storytelling of many outreach campaigns. For my full resume, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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