10 Things I Love About Newborns.

1. They poop. A lot. (Ok, maybe this doesn’t belong first, but it sure did lure you in.) Where does all that poop come from? Fascinating.

2. They draw a crowd. Faces travel long and far to oo and ahh and join the party of joyful people grinning from ear to ear.

3. They have everything to look forward to. No “wish I would have”s or “wish I wouldn’t have”s yet. The possibilities are endless.

4. They like it when you hold them close and they never run away. As long as you’re a warm body, you are perfect for them.

5. They let you know when they want something. Though the crying can get painful, there is no guessing game or cold shoulder.

6. They can’t talk back. You get to fill in the blanks for their mind. And they don’t care how stupid you look when you make faces at them and talk to them in that annoying voice.

7. They have the tiniest clothes. Tiny clothes equals no stress about making space in your closet. And they’re just cute.

8. They are a rainy-lazy-day kind of person. Every day.

9. They remind us of God’s mysterious and glorious power of creation.

10. They show us all what it means to love someone instantly and unconditionally. Perfect love.

One response to “10 Things I Love About Newborns.”

  1. So true and so clever! Love it!

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